How to Prepare for Bat Removal in Dublin, OH

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Animal Removal

There are several species of bats that live in Ohio, all of which play a valuable role in the state’s larger ecosystems. That doesn’t mean there are no downsides for readers to having a proliferation of bats in their areas, though. These creatures often attempt to establish colonies in attics and outbuildings, making themselves a general nuisance.

It’s always best to leave Bat Removal in Dublin OH to trained wildlife specialists, as bat exclusion is an extremely specialized form of animal control. There are, however, a few things that homeowners and their families can do to make it easier for these specialists to do their valuable work. Read on to find out how to prepare for bat exclusion.

Clear the Home’s Exterior of Debris

To remove any bats that are already inhabiting the attic, crawlspace, or other spaces within the home, wildlife experts must be able to determine the animals’ points of entry. This typically involves both an interior and an exterior evaluation of the property. Clearing away any wood, outdoor furniture, and other yard debris from the area immediately surrounding the home helps them do this.

Prepare the Yard

Be sure to turn off sprinklers before wildlife experts are scheduled to evaluate the property and remove any excess yard waste such as lawn clippings, mulch piles, and leaf litter from the areas surrounding any buildings that will be treated. It’s also important for homeowners to ensure the wildlife specialists will have safe and easy access to roofs, as these will also have to be evaluated for signs of bat entry points.

Clean Up Inside

If there are children’s toys, clothes, or other forms of general household clutter everywhere, it’s best to clean them up in advance. Wildlife specialists offering bat removal in Dublin OH don’t expect their clients to deep-clean homes in advance of their visits, but it really helps for homeowners to clean up any clutter in areas that will need to be inspected.

Find the Right Wildlife Specialist

As noted above, bat exclusion is a very specialized form of wildlife control. It is thus important that homeowners ensure that they have found a company or contractor who has dedicated experience in the field. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an initial inspection today.

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