Have Bat Removal in Columbus OH Done at the First Sign of Bats in Your Home

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Animal Removal

Bats can be great for a yard as they’ll eat many of the small insects that might bother the homeowner. They only come out at night, so there usually isn’t an issue with them flying around during the day. Unfortunately, they can cause issues if they decide to make part of the home their home. When this happens, a professional can handle the Bat Removal in Columbus OH safely and quickly for the homeowner.

Mess and Diseases

Bats that get into an attic are going to make quite a bit of a mess. Their droppings will fall underneath where they sleep during the day and can carry diseases. This can quickly go from a tiny mess to a huge issue that overtakes the attic if the bats aren’t removed as quickly as possible from the home.

Damage to the Home

The home is going to be damaged where the bats decide to stay. They can damage vents and other openings to get inside. Then, anything that their droppings contact can be damaged as well, especially if they are not removed and the place is not cleaned as quickly as possible. They can also get into anything that’s in the attic when they’re looking for food, which could cause further destruction.

Removing the Bats

The removal of bats includes trapping and removing the bats and cleaning up any mess. The bats should be trapped by a professional so they can be removed from the home and placed somewhere they won’t cause any issues.

Then, the droppings will need to be carefully cleaned. The person doing this will want to wear protective gear like a mask and gloves. Once this is done, any repairs to the home will need to be made. This needs to include closing off the entrance the bats used to ensure more bats will not just move into the home.

If you’ve noticed bats in your attic or have heard them during the night, contact a professional for Bat Removal in Columbus OH immediately to prevent further damage to your home. Contact Your Ohio Wildlife Pro today to learn more or to get the help you need to remove the bats from your home.

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