Company Humanely Removes a Problem Honey Bee Swarm in Reynoldsburg

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Animal Removal

Animals often end up wandering into homes where they’re not wanted and onto highways where they’re killed by traffic. Anyone who has gone to their cabin in the woods on vacation can talk about skunks and raccoons getting into their trash and scattering it all over the place. With the population growing, animals are often displaced from their own home, which is usually well away from humans. Even honey bees and other flying insects will make their nests in areas that are too close for human comfort.

When homes are infested by critters who normally live out in the wild, it’s time to call a Wildlife Control Company and ask for help. Most of the companies in the area are well experienced at catching any wild animal and returning it to its original habitat. When animals come near the home, many people think they’re cute and will throw food out for them. This only makes things worse since others will follow in their footsteps and, pretty soon, there are even more raccoons or skunks to deal with.

Most people have seen the photo on the Internet showing an alligator standing up at a homeowner’s door in Florida. Animals can hurt humans and their pets some with stings, some with their teeth, and some with diseases such as rabies and distemper. When there’s a honey bee swarm in Reynoldsburg, a beekeeper must be called to contain them and move them away from the home.

The humble honey bees are diminishing in large numbers because of pesticides being used all over the world. When there’s a swarm that needs to be contained, animal control knows to humanely and safely remove them from the premises. They know that plans are in the works to find out what parasites are also attaching themselves to the honeybees and killing them.

It’s for these reasons such care is taken when removing a honey bee swarm in Reynoldsburg. Animal control must assure the homeowner they’re now safe because the honeybees have been reestablished in a new hive they can call home, and the homeowner and family are no longer in any danger.

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