Guide to Roof Replacement in Lawrence, KS

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Roofing

Homeowners make significant investments when replacing their roofs. Hiring the right contractor for Roof Replacement in Lawrence KS will help a homeowner get the best value for their new roof. Homeowners can become daunted at the prospect of hiring a roofer. Following these suggestions will take the guesswork out of hiring a roofing contractor.

Look for Recommendations

Ask people in the neighborhood about roofers they have used in the past. Get more information from them about their experiences. Would they use that roofer again? Have they had any problems? Were the workers professional and courteous? Also, check online reviews for local roofing companies on websites such as Angie’s List or Google. Avoid any companies with a significant number of negative reviews. Develop a short-list of local roofers with excellent ratings or recommendations to ask for an estimate.

Get it in Writing

Reputable contractors will offer a free estimate. Contact a minimum of three roofers to come out, and ask for a written estimate detailing the costs of materials and labor. Do not assume that the lowest cost estimate will be the best value for the home. Sometimes, a contractor will cut corners to have a lower price, but the customer will end up paying more in the end with needed roofing repairs.

Ask about Insurance

Verify the contractor has adequate insurance before work begins on your property. Homeowners may be personally liable for any accidents that occur on their property if the contractor is not adequately insured for both general liability and worker’s compensation.

Adequate Training and Warranties

Look for an experienced roofer who is dedicated to their craft. Reputable roofers continue to work on educating themselves. Certain roofers obtain special manufacturer certifications or designations indicating that they have followed specific training or protocol with particular roofing materials. Not all roofers obtain these, and it can be indicative of a roofer who takes pride in their work. Additionally, most roofing material manufacturer’s offer warranties on their materials. However, a mistake during installation will void that warranty. Consider a roofer who stands behind their work by offering their warranty.

Making the Right Choice

When a homeowner needs a Roof Replacement in Lawrence KS, it is best to take their time and carefully consider the options. Not all contractors are alike. Protect the investment in your home by choosing a high-quality contractor.

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