Get All The Flooring For A Home At A Carpet Store in Chicago

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Home Improvement

People looking for carpet and other floorings for a home or business can find them all at a carpet store in Chicago. A store may specialize in carpeting, but they may also offer hardwood flooring and more. Businesses such as American Carpet distributors have a long history of supplying flooring for homes and businesses in the Chicago area. They will offer a large selection of brand name carpets at competitive prices. Then their expert installers will install it perfectly. Customers can choose from many textures including plushes, friezes, Berbers, and more.

Shopping For Carpets

When a potential customer contacts carpet suppliers such as American Carpet, they are offered free in-home measures and estimates or on-site business estimates. The customer can ask to have carpet samples brought to them or visit the store to see all the carpet samples. If a customer chooses a carpet that is in-stock, they may get an installation as soon as the next day. There are also special order carpets that take a little longer but offer more color choices.

Carpet choices come from famous manufacturers such as Shaw, Beaulieu & Coronet, and Mohawk. Residential carpets add warmth and beauty to any home. They are comfortable to walk on or sit on. The carpets are easily cleanable and resist stains.

Carpets for commercial users such as offices, retail outlets, clinics, schools, and government buildings are designed to withstand heavy use and repeated cleanings. Getting wholesale prices is a big advantage for commercial building owners. Carpet stores in Chicago have excellent carpet choices for every use.

Hardwood Floors

Though carpet is attractive and comfortable, some people want a little variety in their flooring choices. They would like to have hardwood floors in some parts of their home or business. Hardwood is very durable and suitable for high traffic areas. For the best performance and attractive look, hardwood must be carefully installed by professionals with the correct equipment. Wood flooring comes on site as packets of wood planks that need to be carefully fitted together to make a seamless floor. Wood must be cut with a saw to the exact size needed.

But, when properly installed, this flooring choice will last for decades. Carpet is more forgiving to install but has a shorter lifespan. Go to Website for more information.

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