4 Kitchen Design Ideas to Get Excited About

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Kitchen Renovation

Today’s kitchens in Pompano Beach are varied in design, and there are few restrictions and limitations on what you can do. Some people want bold colors while others wish to remain traditional. Here are some helpful ideas on kitchen design to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Black is Back

Back in the 1950s, black and white were very popular. Many people chose checkerboard tile floors, white appliances, and black trim. This combination was common for many years, and then black fell out of favor. Today, black kitchens give you a lot of choices, and you can check out “11 Totally Sexy Black Kitchens” from House Beautiful to see what others are doing in black.

2. Distressed

You can do many things with distressed kitchen design. Materials like barn wood have been popular for decades and are perfect for displaying an antique kitchen. However, what can you do if you want bold blue cabinets? You can go for a distressed blue to balance out the bold. Try using a burnt umber glaze over the blue for an “antique” or “well-worn” appearance.

3. Updating White Kitchens

If your kitchen is all white, you can balance out the white and give it a minor upgrade. For example, consider replacing all the hardware and handles with dark or black hardware. Black countertops provide a nice contrast. To give your kitchen design a clean look, consider stainless steel appliances and nickel hardware.

4. Gray

Suppose you do not want white, black, or black and white. How about a gray kitchen? Gray can balance out Coppertone or red appliances and stainless steel range hoods because it is neutral. Gray is perfect for those who want to decorate in black but do not want the boldness of black. In fact, gray is about as close to the color black as you can go.

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