Dream Bathrooms Made Easy: Sliding Glass Shower Doors in Philadelphia

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Kitchen Renovation

Sliding glass doors contribute an element of luxury and cosmopolitan charm to private and guest bathrooms. Sliding glass shower doors in Philadelphia offers several options for customization in terms of glass thickness and sliding door. Here’s a basic rundown.

Sliding Glass Shower Door Types

Bathtub shower doors and shower enclosures are the two main types of sliding glass shower doors available. Shower stall doors are another option, but these typically swing out, boasting right- or left-door installation to favor a dominant hand or a particular bathroom layout.

Bathtub shower doors sit atop the actual bathroom frame, running along the length of the structure and spanning opposite walls on the tub’s perimeter. Even more exciting are shower enclosures: elegant, freestanding booths, so to speak, constructed for installation over a site of working shower fixtures.

Glass Type and Thickness

Tempered glass is fairly standard and fast becoming the industry go-to. It’s produced via a special thermal treatment that gives it extraordinary sturdiness. Most high-end smartphones have tempered glass screens. Luxury mirrors and glass accent furniture almost always consist of this material as well.

Tempered glass’ inherent strength means manufacturers can produce it in very thin sheets. Thinner sheets make for sliding glass shower doors that are utterly transparent yet still tough enough to endure daily use in an array of residential and commercial installations.

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