4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Exterior Lighting For South Miami Residential Properties

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Small Home Improvement

Lighting around a home is not just for security and to aid in visibility; it is also used to create a beautiful, welcoming look to your South Miami home. Adding designer exterior lighting is an ideal way to give a unique, original and amazing look to the front and back entrances, off of the garage, on the deck and patio as well as throughout the outdoor living area.

Important Factors for Exterior Lights

There are a few important factors to consider when buying lights for the exterior of the home. It is essential to choose lighting options designed specifically for outdoor use. The lighting fixture should clearly indicate for outdoor use. In addition, look for the words “wet rated” on the lighting specifications and product details.

This is essential as it signifies the electrical components of the light have been designed to withstand exposure to moisture. Moisture includes both direct rain as well as high humidity and moisture from fog. Without this rating, there is a risk of safety concerns in operating the light.

Styles to Consider

As with indoor lighting, exterior lighting comes in a range of different styles and options. For homes with larger entrances, a hanging type of lantern can be very dramatic above the front door, with sconces used on either side of the door to frame the entrance with a warm, welcoming light.

Flush mounted deck lights provide light down to the deck surface, perfect for patios, outdoor living spaces as well as pools. Pairing these types of lights with post mount lights for walkways and sidewalks adds to safety as well as creates a soft, relaxing light for enjoying an evening outside.

In styles from modern to traditional, finding the right exterior lighting to suit the architecture and style of your South Miami home is easy. Working with a top lighting store in the area provides the expertise needed to get the right lights for any house.

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