Signs that Basement Repair in West Chester, PA is Needed

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Foundation Repair

The basement is subjected to a lot of different stresses. It carries the weight of the entire house. It also is under constant assault from water in the soil. While it is designed to be strong, it can still be damaged because of major stress. These are some indications that the basement will need to be repaired.

Excess water damage is one of the biggest indications of the need for basement repair in West Chester PA. Water damage has many signs. Minor water damage will discolor basement walls. More serious signs can include the growth of mold along the soil line or constantly high humidity levels that result in a damp smell. All of this water is weakening the basement.

Cracks are another indication of the need for repair. Cracks can be caused by shifting soils that redistribute the weight of the house onto weaker points. Stress cracks can run the entire length of the foundation and are a major cause of concern. Trees can also invade through any weakness in the foundation. Changes in temperature can also cause cracking to occur as water expands and contracts inside of the concrete. While not all cracks are large, each must be evaluated and repaired to ensure that the basement is maintaining its integrity.

Flaking concrete is a serious problem. The basement repair in West Chester PA will be needed as soon as possible if this has occurred. Flaking concrete has already lost its integrity and strength. The main culprit is water but can also be the result of not allowing the concrete to dry properly before the house was constructed. The foundation is in serious trouble if the basement walls have reached this point. Depending on the extent of the flaking, extensive repairs may be required.

Damage can occur from the different stresses placed on the basement walls. To ensure that the basement remains strong enough to support the home, damage should be evaluated and repaired as soon as possible. If you see any of these signs, contact Business Name for a full evaluation of the problem to determine what steps need to be taken to restore the integrity of the basement.

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