Reasons to Get Foundation Waterproofing in Yukon, OK

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Foundation Repair

There are some home repairs that are very important to handle in a timely manner. One of these is Foundation Waterproofing in Yukon OK. Water is one of the main causes of damage to a home’s foundation, and if the foundation becomes damaged, it can cause issues with the integrity of the whole home. The entire foundation could shift. Even if the integrity of the foundation isn’t compromised, water entering through the foundation could cause health issues due to mold. Watch for the following signs you may need foundation waterproofing.

You See Water Spots on the Walls

Unless you’ve splashed water on the walls somehow, seeing water spots on the basement walls is a sign that you may be in need of Foundation Waterproofing in Yukon OK. Often, the water enters near the top of the foundation and then drips down the walls and leaves a trail. Rusty nails is another potential sign of water leakage.

You See Chalky Spots on the Walls

Another sign of water entering through the foundation is efflorescence, which looks kind of like a white, chalky residue. When water enters into the concrete, it can make it so salt travels to the surface of the walls and dries there when the water evaporates. It can also look a bit sparkly in the sunlight.

The Walls Are Moldy

If you have mold in the basement, there’s a problem. It could be a humidity issue, or it could be a problem with water entering through the foundation, but it needs to be dealt with to limit the risk of associated health problems.

The Basement Smells Musty

Even if you don’t see visible mold, a musty smell could indicate a problem. The mold causing the smell most likely is just in a less visible spot.

The Walls or Floor Have Visible Cracks

A more serious sign of a problem with your foundation is visible cracks in the floor or walls. These cracks will get worse if the problem isn’t resolved.

The Walls are Bulging

If the walls of the basement are curved and bulging in at any place, this could seriously affect the integrity of the house. Steel bracing is one potential solution once the cause of the bowing is determined.

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