Professional Carpet Cleaners in Naples Fl Showcase the Cleaning Difference Between Wood and Carpet

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning Service

Modern homeowners are not too keen on a carpet as a flooring option. It is true that hardwood floor is the big trend now, and the reasons may be cosmetic or functional. These aesthetic arguments are not the point here. A solid argument can be made that hardwood flooring is simply inferior when it comes to cleaning. How is this so?

Affordable Cleaning

Carpets are pretty easy and affordable to clean, despite arguments to the contrary. Again, it returns back to the big debate between hardwood flooring and carpet. On a day to day basis, carpeting is probably a bit easier to clean.

The hardwood floor can be swiffered with a relatively lightweight little mop with a brush or a wet napkin on the bottom. Carpet needs to be vacuumed, and people, for sometimes logical and illogical reasons, hate to vacuum. Vacuuming is certainly a drag. On a functional level, vacuums can be quite heavy and cumbersome. They are comparatively more expensive than swiffers.

Real Cleaning and Not Just Band-Aid Cleaning

On this level, hardwood can be easier to clean. On any level that requires some grit and maintenance, carpet is vastly simpler and more affordable with Professional Carpet Cleaners in Naples Fl. This is in reference to any cleaning that requires time and potentially a third-party. it is the non-daily cleaning methods that can be managed pretty easily with both options. Hardwood needs to be sanded down every year. This is hardly a DIY project.

There is cumbersome maintenance involved with hardwood flooring that carpet is unknown to. It involves as attaining process to restore the coloration because the color of the wood can fade dramatically. Carpet can fade as well, but not as fast nor as drastic.

In regards to cleaning, there is a clear winner. professional carpet cleaners in Naples Fl offer a very low price compared to the more intense methods of hardwood cleaning. Admittedly, the argument over which is “better” often comes down to aesthetic preference. For individuals who prefer the aesthetic qualities (and the much easier cleaning methods) can contact Greener Southwest Carpet Tile & Upholstery Care for more information on getting the best out of the carpet.

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