Problems with Your Overhead Door in Georgia? How to Get It Fixed

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Garage Doors

Overhead doors are massive and heavy and have a lot of issues when they finally break down. While they do provide the convenience of a large opening for trucks and other shipping vehicles, your overhead doors also have several built-in inconveniences waiting to happen. When your overhead door breaks down in Georgia, there are things you can do to get it fixed.

Assess the Situation

What about the door is broken? The large turning gears at the top of some overhead doors can pop off their tracks, while the pull chains or pulleys used to lift and lower some doors refuse to operate. Don’t try to lift the door manually! Not only does that never work, but it also causes untold injuries to those trying to lift these heavy doors. You may think that because the door is made of a lightweight material like aluminum that it won’t be a problem to lift, but it is. When it comes crashing back down after so much effort, it’s very dangerous too.

Hire the Overhead Door Company Near Watkinsville, GA

There’s an overhead door company near Watkinsville, GA that not only sells and installs these doors, but can fix them too. If your door was installed by another company, that’s okay. You can still hire whomever you want to fix your door. It’s best to hire closer to home whenever possible so that you do not have to pay a transportation surcharge on repairs.

When you are ready to hire a repair company, contact Select Door Service.

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