Pool chemicals in League City that every pool owner should have

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Swimming Pools

Having a pool in the backyard is a great source of fun, but it is a great deal of work also. A pool needs to be cleaned regularly, and the water needs to be tested often. If the chemicals or the condition of the pool is not just right, it can be dangerous for the people who are swimming in it. There are several types of pool chemicals that a person would need that do different things. Before shopping at a store that sells pool chemicals in League City, the pool owner should know the chemical categories and what they do.


Sanitizers are one of the most important chemicals that go into a pool. They control bacteria and algae growth. They also reduce viruses in the water, and they keep the water clear. Chlorine is the most common sanitizer used. If any swimmers have sensitive skin, they should use bromine. If a pool owner wants a natural alternative, they can use ionization. Pool owners should be aware that this natural solution can cause the swimmer’s hair to turn green and can stain the bottom of the pool.


This is an important chemical that pool owners should purchase at a store who sells Pool Chemicals in League City. It is the best defense against algae developing in the pool. Some of the most common algaecides are quaternary ammonia, polyquat, metallic, borates, and bromine salts.


This is a chemical that helps boost the effectiveness of the sanitizer. These are often added on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. When shockers are added to the pool, the swimmers would need to wait a while before they can go swimming. The most common shockers are sodium di-chlor, calcium hypochlorite, and non-chlorine oxidizer.

Supportive Pool Chemicals

There are some chemicals that can be added to boost the effectiveness of the other basic chemicals. Some of these include clarifiers, metal removers, stain and scale inhibitors, and cyanuric acid.

When a person purchases a pool for the first time, they should visit Cryer Pools & Spas, Inc. They can get the information that they need about the chemicals. They can also purchase what they will need.

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