Control Process Temperature in California, Install Industrial Refrigeration Systems

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Business

Industrial refrigeration systems are used to control and maintain the temperature in many different industries and environments. Any product that passes through the system is kept at the same temperature, or the temperature is dropped.

Engineers and owners in California that specify these systems must be very accurate when it comes to defining the function of the equipment. The systems that are required for maintaining temperature or reducing temperature are very different. There are three stages involved in refrigeration systems installation. The first stage is specifying the process. The second stage is developing the engineering specification; the final stage is constructing and commissioning the facility.

Process Specification

If there is a mismatch between the actual use of the system and the original intent, the system may not perform as was initially intended. The owner must provide explicit details on what the system will be used for.

Engineering Specification

The process spec will include such information as throughput, temperature requirements, physical layout, future use, etc. From this information, an engineering spec is developed. The supplier of the system uses the engineering spec; there is no need for the supplier to have any knowledge of the initial process spec. At this stage, the owner of the facility plays a significant role. The design and development of the system will have an impact on the entire operation.

Construction and Commissioning

The final engineering specification is released to competent suppliers of equipment. Using the engineering spec, they prepare a bid. The successful bidder for the project takes full responsibility for design details, construction, and commissioning.

There are many professionals involved in the design and construction of industrial refrigeration systems. The success or failure of the installation depends on how well everyone involved did their job from concept to completion.

Successful industrial refrigeration systems take a great deal of input and coordination to ensure the facility operates as intended.

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