Why Install Security Window Screens?

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Screen Store

Break-ins can occur at any time of the night or day, with the intruders getting in quietly and quickly using simple tools like a hammer or even a rock. Although the problem is year-round, the majority of forced entries take place during the hot, sultry months when most homeowners leave their windows open.

A simple fly screen keeps bugs and insects out, but to keep intruders out, you need security window screens. As a homeowner, it is only right that security is an important concern, but at the same time, you want the breeze and an uninterrupted view, and security screens are the answer.

Security window screens for doors and windows use a tight stainless-steel mesh, which is extremely difficult to cut or penetrate. A strong frame surrounds the mesh, to ensure there is a way out in the event there is a fire, the frame can be hinged. For years, bars have been used to protect windows and doors, and although they are effective, security screens blend seamlessly into the design of your home. As the material making up these windows include stainless steel and epoxy coated metal, rust and corrosion are a thing of the past. These windows secure your home from forced entry and you still have the benefits of a conventional fly screen, which are fresh air and natural light.

When you buy security window screens, you not only want the best product, you want the best company. SP Screens gives you both; a company that represents only the best, and it does so fully understanding that to succeed they must provide personalized service, competitive prices and the extra peace of mind that can only come with the reassurance of quality. They also offer a warranty. When it comes to the security of your family and possessions, don’t settle for anything but the finest products available.

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