Aluminium Slat Gates: Why Consider Them

by | May 3, 2019 | Screen Store

Having a perimeter around your home is essential for many reasons. It keeps your children and pets inside and safe while keeping riffraff outside the gate. Aluminium slat gates can be paired with the same style fencing to protect your property from intruders. People must go to and through the gate to get on the property, and you can include any number of locking mechanisms to prevent forced entry, as well. The best part is that aluminium costs less than other materials, such as wood or wrought iron. Therefore, you can save money and still protect your home and family.

Aluminium slat gates also look unique because the slats can be made to any size and width. You can also choose the most appropriate colours based on your home décor or preferences. Along with such, the gate isn’t going to need much maintenance because it will not rust or rot like wrought iron and wood, respectively. You rarely have to do much to the fence or gate but spray it with water to remove built-up dirt and debris. Plus, if repairs are required at some point, it is much easier to remove a single slat or a few and replace just that one piece.

SP Screens offers aluminium slat gates to its customers, as well as slatted privacy screens. Both products work in tandem with each other to protect your home from intrusion and keep pets and children away from the streets. The product is fully customisable to your needs, which helps you choose the options that best suit your preferences, budget, and needs. You can also use the gate and privacy screens for many other purposes, such as to cover air conditioning units, bins, and more. It’s also suitable as a barrier for decks and balconies so that you don’t fall off while enjoying your time outside.

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