Why Exterior Plywood is Great for Building

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Small Home Improvement

Whether you are making a bookcase for the sitting room or, constructing a barn, Business name has the right type of plywood for all building needs.

What is Plywood

Plywood is a single piece of wood that has been bonded together by using a series of thin pieces of wood. It is used for a variety of different ways from constructing buildings to creating furniture.

Types of Plywood

There are four main types of plywood: exterior, interior, marine and structural.

  • The most commonly used plywood is the Exterior Plywood. This plywood is a type of wood that is bound together by a water-resistant glue and is used typically outdoors, although may be used indoors as well. The most common ways exterior plywood is used is for walls, outdoor flooring, and roof linings.
  • Interior. This type of plywood is used strictly for indoor purposes, specifically for aesthetics. Should it become exposed outdoors, it will degrade quickly. Common uses for this type of wood include indoor furniture and ceilings.
  • Marine plywood is used for purposes of waterproofing. It is most commonly applied in docks or boats and is highly resistant to high moisture areas. This means that the wood will not rot if exposed to waters or humidity.
  • The final type of plywood-structural is used for permanent structures. It is made to withstand weather exposure and areas that may susceptible to stress. Structural plywood is commonly found creating beams, shipping crates, and sub-floors.

Purchasing Plywood

When purchasing plywood, it is important to look at the different markings placed on the wood. These markings will tell what type of wood it is. For example, any plywood with an “X” in the formula is Exterior Plywood. This is important for making sure the right type of wood is purchased for the project.

There are many advantages to using plywood. Here are a few of those advantages.

  • Plywood is highly durable and quite lightweight. This makes building projects easier due to not having to move heavy pieces of wood.
  • Due to its large stature, plywood sheets make it easy to have enough wood for any of your building needs. This is very cost-effective as you will not need to buy numerous amounts of wood.

Plywood has been recognized as one of the most trusted pieces of wood for building. Due to having a variety of building options, your building needs are sure to be met. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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