Epoxy Floor in NY might Be Perfect For Business Application

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Flooring

A commercial, public, medical, or retail site may be the ideal place to install a poured floor. They are seamless, very strong, and easy to clean. Poured floors come in different materials including acrylic, epoxy, and urethane. They also come in non-slip, self-leveling, and flexible systems. The poured seamless qualities of these floors make them ideal for areas that must be cleaned often and that can not have seams to let loose and allow dirt to build up and tripping hazards. Seams can be the weak spot in flooring in heavy use areas or where wheeled equipment is used.

Getting The Best Poured Floor

A poured floor requires a smooth level surface to be applied to. It also must be applied to exacting manufacturer’s standards by expert installers using the correct equipment. It might be said that a poured floor is as good as its installer. The success of a poured floor might also depend on using the correct material for the installation. Urethane, epoxy, and acrylic floors each have their advantages and disadvantages. There are differences in strength and cost that must be considered. Epoxy Floor in NY is one of the strongest floors available and the cost reflects that.

Epoxy Floor in NY should be used in heavy traffic areas and sites such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, garages, and other heavy traffic areas. It has a strong, yet attractive look. Poured floors such as this can be applied in different thicknesses. The property owner and the flooring provider will need to decide which thickness is best. Decorative additives can be added as an overall design or in a simple to very detailed patterns.

Choosing The Material

The flooring supplier can also advise the property owner on which material to use in each room. Using the correct material to be cost-effective and durable is important. The slip-resistant, self-leveling, and flexible systems are an advantage in many areas. Pharmaceutical, lab, and medical facilities must choose the material that can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. Public areas need the material that is most suited to adding the color flakes to make attractive designs or company logos.

The correct material, installed by a highly qualified installer results in an attractive, durable floor that will be easy to maintain and cost-effective. For more information, contact us. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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