When to Call a Professional for Gutter Repair Services in Tacoma, WA

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Home Improvement

Gutters may be small, but they form an important defense against the elements. Without gutters, water would be allowed to pool next to the foundation and cause leaky basements and all kinds of structural issues. It’s a good idea for homeowners to perform a periodic visual inspection of the gutter system so that they know when it’s time to call a contractor for gutter repair services in Tacoma, WA. Below are just a few of the warning signs of failing gutters they should look for.

Rust and Cracks

Most homeowners realize that outright holes in the gutter probably aren’t good for drainage. It’s important to recognize, however, that smaller cracks and spots of rust are equally dangerous. While small holes and cracks can sometimes be sealed, larger holes and those that are caused by rust often require replacing sections of the gutter entirely. Try to catch these issues early before they progress to a more serious state.

Separation From House

If the gutters are no longer completely flush with the house, the system is certainly in need of repairs. Just look up from the ground to evaluate whether this is the case. If daylight is visible between the sections of gutter or the gutter system and the house, it’s time to call in a professional.

Sagging or Incorrect Pitch

Gutters need to be installed and maintained at a correct pitch in order to function. If this has been disrupted via sagging or pulling away from the house, it can cause a dangerous situation. The entire system will be under more strain, making complete failure and even falling component pieces much more likely.

Missing or Damaged Parts

The connecting pieces used to keep the gutters held together are called fasteners. These components may be small, but they have an integral role to play. They keep the gutters fastened to the house and ensure that they are level with each other, creating the correct pitch. If they are bent, rusted through, or completely missing it can disrupt the way the entire system functions, leading to the need for all kinds of more serious and costly repairs.

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