What Homeowners Should Consider When Buying Hardwood Flooring in Lisle

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Flooring

Hardwood flooring adds warmth, beauty, and value to homes, but it’s also a huge investment. That’s why homeowners must do their research before buying hardwood flooring in Lisle. Here’s what one needs to know before making such an expensive purchase.

Plywood Sub-floor vs. Concrete

It’s necessary to know the type of surface the hardwood will be going over because this determines the method of application. Not all hardwood flooring materials can be glued to surfaces, needing to be nailed in place. Homes with concrete sub-floors might have limited options.

Height Restraints

Is the hardwood going into a basement area or the main floor area with low ceilings? This information is critical to know because solid hardwood is almost always thicker than engineered hardwood. If headspace is already an issue, installing solid hardwood could make the problem worse.


Hardwood flooring comes in numerous colors and different colors work better in different areas of the home. Homes with a lot of natural light can get away with darker colors better than homes that don’t get a lot of natural light. Homeowners should ask their flooring contractor for examples to take home and decide which looks best with their current color scheme and the general lightness of their home.


Hardwood flooring costs can skyrocket quickly, especially when installing hardwood throughout the whole house. Homeowners should consider their budget and add 20% to that number to compensate for additional materials and other minor charges.

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