Understanding the Six Different Types of Gutter Guard Company in Seattle

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Roofing Contractor

One of the maintenance tasks that every homeowner loathes is when you have to do the quarterly inspection of your gutters. Every season there is a reason to check your gutters to make sure that they are free from debris and working as they should. In the fall they get filled with leaves, the winter is a time where ice dams can form easily, and the seasons in between leave room for many more problems. A simple solution would call for Gutter Guard Company Seattle to spare you the quarterly cleaning of the gutter mess.

When your gutters do not work efficiently any number of problems can affect your home. The guards are just the first mode of protection from your roof and structure. The gutter system also includes with it the down spout and that needs to be inspected on a quarterly basis as well. When the gutter is backed up you can suffer severe damage to the roof, walls of the home and the basement. Although it is a nuisance, gutters are a mandatory necessity on the home.

So, with all that being said, wouldn’t you want a solution to cleaning your gutters on a quarterly basis? A simple solution is Gutter Guard Company Seattle. There are six types of guards that you should consider depending on where you live and the conditions that you face. The reverse curve allows water into the gutter but forces leaves out.

 A bottle brush gutter guard system can most accurately be compared to the spiked needles that are used to detract birds from landing. Nylon guards are a great way to not only keep the gutters clean but they also help in the winter and protect from ice dams and snow buildup. They also work without having to be attached to the bottom shingle. Non-gutter guards replace your gutters altogether and are more like downward slats that provide no place for debris to hide and easily deflect water away from the home. Lastly, a foam gutter guard is a piece of foam that is made to fit directly into the gutter to prevent any debris from falling in it. For more detailed information, contact Gutter & roof solutions NW.

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