Enhancing Your New York Home Decor With Vertical Gardens and Natural Wood

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Home Improvement

When looking to increase their surroundings’ beauty and ambiance, boosting a home’s look with new décor is the perfect solution. Decor changes can make any room seem new and refreshed and can boost home aesthetics.

Trends in Natural Decor

While there is a wide variety of different types of décor that can seem fresh and new, one of the increasingly popular choices for décor includes natural décor pieces such as natural wood and natural resin wood furnishings. These pieces accent the original structure of wood from a tree without cutting away it’s shaping. This creates exquisite unique furniture pieces.

Indoor Vertical Gardens

Another amazing in-home accent is the creation of vertical gardens. Often seen in high-end shopping malls, office buildings, and restaurants, vertical gardens bring an abundance of beauty to any indoor space. These lush vertical gardens require little space and can enhance the look and beauty of any room. When looking to bring natural accents into a home, vertical wall garden New York options are the perfect solution.

One of the most popular wall garden designs on the market today uses preserved plants that are maintenance-free. They require no watering, quantity of light, pruning, or soil care. Because they use preserved plants, these gardens offer the vibrance of living plants without the maintenance and upkeep required by traditional indoor gardens.

If you are looking for great vertical wall garden New York options, the Naturalist offers some of the most elegant maintenance-free designs. Each garden design is custom crafted to match your needs. You can learn more about their vertical wall gardens and their natural wood and resin wood furnishings .

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