Residential Window Installation in Minneapolis: Combining Appearance, Insulation, and Impact Resistance

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Doors and Windows

Being in a hurricane zone, Minneapolis presents its own challenges for residents to keep their homes safe. One of these involves the choice of window to install. Standard glass windows offer no degree of protection against high-velocity impacts from objects driven by hurricane-force winds. Once the windows get smashed in, the winds come right into the house with sufficient force to push the roof off during a major storm. One option is the use of roll-up hurricane shutters to shield the windows, of course, and doubtless many homeowners will always choose these for maximum protection. But even in the absence of hurricane activity, sudden thunderstorms with powerful wind gusts and possible tornado winds can assault the home without adequate warning and again cause impact damage. And if the family is away when such an event takes place in the neighbourhood, the storm shutters might still be rolled up and the windows completely exposed to the elements.

Residential window installation in Minneapolis takes these possibilities into account. One means of additional protection is the installation of PGT impact-resistant windows to replace the conventional glass. PGT impact windows are structured very much like modern automobile windows and windshields. Between two panes of glass rests an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral which is bonded into the panes on either side. This layer prevents glass from shattering even when subjected to a missile impact such as a two by four travelling at a velocity of fifty feet per second. And even after the impact, the window will remain intact even through constant battering by powerful wind gusts and driving rain or hail.

PGT impact windows come in aluminum or vinyl frames and are bonded to provide maximum thermal insulation. Alternatively, Business Name provide additional protection with a third insulation layer sandwiched between the two outer laminated impact glass panes. Business Name provides not only protection from flying debris but also a greater degree of thermal and noise insulation as well.

The home residential customer considering Residential Window Installation in Minneapolis might want to take all these considerations into account before making a choice. So feel free to browse our website and see which solutions are right for your home.

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