Questions to Ask When Choosing Commercial Roofing in Pelham AL

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Roofing

Commercial building owners and managers have many important responsibilities, but one of the most important is choosing a roofing contractor. Whether there are plans to replace or install roofing in Pelham AL on a warehouse, apartment building, factory, mall or shop, customers should get high-performance roofs that protect the premises and inventory. Moreover, the roof should be installed within budget and on time. When hiring a commercial roofer in Pelham AL, customers should ask the following questions to find the right contractor for the job.

Contractor-Related Questions

• Is the contractor insured and licensed?

• How long has the company been a local business, and what type of reputation do they have in the community?

• How many commercial roofs have they built?

• What types of similar projects have been done, and how are those roofs holding up over time?

• Is the roofer familiar with current commercial roof technology, such as single-ply, liquid applied or built-up roofing?

• Are they manufacturer certified to install the chosen type of roofing?

The Roof’s Primary Use

Customers should consider whether the roof will have to support a substantial amount of weight, such as in a rooftop café or garden. If there won’t be heavy weight or foot traffic, the roofer may have to install walkways to allow service personnel to access HVAC systems and other components.


The local climate should be given great consideration when choosing commercial roofing in Pelham AL. Will it need to stand up to salt air, heavy winds, intense heat or harsh winters? Does the customer plan to install energy saving components such as reflective surfaces or insulation? The answers to these questions can play a significant role in roofing material selection by USA Roofing & Renovations, LLC.

Maintenance and Inspection

Does the cost of the roofing system include continued maintenance and inspection, and what does the agreement cover? For example, snow removal, a common consideration in many areas, may not be part of the agreement. If roof inspections aren’t done at regular intervals, the warranty could be voided. Customers should find out how much repairs and maintenance will cost if not covered, and they should determine whether the work can be done in-house without voiding the warranty.

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