Preparing for a Washer Repair in Murrieta, CA

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Appliances

Out of the blue, the washing machine fails to work. The owner realizes something is wrong when the washer fills with water and then does nothing. Since nothing seems to help, the only option left is to call for help. Here is what should be done while waiting for a professional to show up and take care of the Washer Repair Murrieta CA.

Empty the Washer

It is a safe bet that the professional will need to remove the water and the clothing before any work gets underway. After making the call and finding out what time to expect the repair technician, start cleaning out the washing machine. Start by removing the wet clothing and wringing everything out in the sink. To get rid of the standing water, scoop it out with a small pot. Once most of the water is out, it will be easy enough to clear out the remainder with a towel.

Mop Up Any Excess Water

If there is any water on the floor, mop the area before the technician arrives. Making sure the floor is not slick is in the best interests of everyone involved. This is also the chance to get rid of any dirt or grime tracked into the laundry room before anyone actually sees the space.

Clear the Area

Since it will take some room to manage the Washer Repair Murrieta CA, clear out some space. Anything that can be removed from the laundry room should go at once. Clothes that are already dried should be folded and put away. Any dirty clothes can go in hampers and taken to another part of the house. The goal is to ensure there is room to pull the washer away from the wall and get to all sides. The professional will also need space to lay out the tools used for the repair.

Remember that most washer repairs turn out to be minor and will not take long. Call a professional with Action Maytag and arrange for a professional to visit the home. In many cases, the washing machine will be up and running in less than an hour.

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