Keep That Clothes Dryer Running Longer With Quality Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Home Improvement

People are creatures of habit, and this often applies to the tools and appliances that they prefer to use. Plus, most folks like to get their money’s worth which means that a broken appliance should be mended instead of replacing it at the first opportunity. Thankfully, concerns such as Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA are much easier to deal with than most property owners realize and this is especially true for certain electric clothes dryers. Budget models can be as simple as a timer control, a button to turn it on, a safety switch for door control, a heating element, an air vent and various sensors that switch things on or off.

Certain dryer problems are actually simple, but many homeowners forget about why they happen. One of the more common problems is a blocked vent system. The vent is required to allow fresh air into the drum area. This allows the heat to circulate through the material instead of just sitting and heating the drum. In fact, one symptom of this problem is hot, damp clothes that require multiple cycles to actually dry. Surprisingly, the vent can develop a block in more than one spot. For instance, the exhaust pipe could fill up with lint and eventually clog the flow of air. However, the most difficult airflow problem is when the vent tube inside the dryer becomes plugged. This can happen whenever the lint filter isn’t sealing properly or is damaged.

Unlike the washing machine, most dryers don’t require a transmission. This makes turning the drum much easier. It also makes the dryer prone to failure as the belt that tumbles the clothes wears out. Heat and extended use can cause a belt to stretch. Some dryers use a direct drive system which presents a whole different set of problems.

One way to avoid Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA is to have the unit serviced regularly. This may be more important than most people realize because the lint collected inside the dryer or its exhaust is highly flammable. A bit of excess heat could trigger a flash fire and a lot of unnecessary damage. Plus, testing the various temperature sensitive switches could help the unit operate more efficiently. Contact Business Name for more details.

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