Preparation Steps Taken by an Exterior Painting Contractor in Oak Park IL

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Painting

Hiring a professional Exterior Painting Contractor in Oak Park IL means that the proper preparation will be made prior to beginning the actual painting process. The preparation work is half the battle when it comes to painting and something that needs to be done properly for the best results. If the exterior of a home or business is not properly prepped before painting it can cause many long term problems. The following are just a few key things any professional painter should do, prior to pulling out a paint brush.

Scraping Off Old Paint

The reason for scraping all the old paint off is to ensure that there is a smooth surface to apply the new paint. If this step is skipped, the new paint applied could flake off and leave bare spots. The most time efficient way to remove all of the old paint is to use a wire brush drill attachment. After the attachment is installed the Exterior Painting Contractor in Oak Park IL will make sure to get all nooks and crevices of the surface. For more in depth scraping they may use a pull scraper which is a sharp blade made for stripping old paint off.

Sanding After Scraping

After all of the old paint is removed is it is time to sand the rough edges. If this step is skipped, the new paint that is applied will not go on evenly or smoothly. For smaller areas a wood block with sandpaper will be sufficient and for bigger areas an orbital sander. It is important to steer clear of belt sanders, as they may leave a swirl pattern or dip in the wood.


After the scraping and sanding is complete, there are likely to be some bare spots in the wood or metal. The contractor will apply a coat of primer, which will help to cover these areas before the actual paint is applied. If necessary, they will apply a primer coat to the whole exterior of the home or building, which will cut down on the amount of finishing paint that is needed, as well as the cost of the paint.

Offers more information about the proper way to prepare a surface for painting. Take the time to make sure the job is done right. This will ensure it looks great for years down the road.

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