Planning A New Kitchen Installation

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Not only are kitchen and bathroom renovations the most common major projects undertaken in a home, they are also the most costly. As a result you will want to take time and pay attention to all the services of course but how you will make best use of the available space. A new kitchen installation in Chicago will always be exciting but with advance planning, you can help to ensure that the project gets done on time, on budget and with the minimum of stress.

Although there is an ideal shape for a kitchen, chances are that you are considering a renovation of the kitchen you have. If possible, try to bear in mind the “triangle theory,” that basically states that the most convenient layout is one where the stove, refrigerator and sink should have equal distance between them. It is always nice if your design can incorporate a center island as well for food prep.

Quality of cabinets:
The cabinets that are incorporated into any new kitchen installation in Chicago are not only the first things noticed; they are also that which takes the greatest abuse. Although there are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of styles choose cabinets that are well built, using high quality materials for the carcass, doors and shelves.

Kitchen floor:
Once any work has been done below the existing floor, this is the best time to install the new flooring. The small additional cost for using more tiles than absolutely necessary will be more than offset by the savings in installation labor if the tiles need to be cut to accommodate the cabinets, etc.

Work tops:
When you choose the countertops you will want to take into account both appearance and performance. The working surface in the kitchen will take considerable abuse but you also want it to compliment the appearance.

A new kitchen installation in Chicago is something that should last for many years but, attention to the budget is also a necessity. To discuss your plans in detail you are invited to talk to the experts at Chicago Custom Kitchen.

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