Painting or Refacing Kitchen Cabinets in Tucson AZ for a Room Facelift

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Home Improvement

Sometimes homeowners are interested in a kitchen remodeling project that is primarily cosmetic. They’re basically happy with the functionality and convenience of their kitchen, but they’re tired of the colors and perhaps some of the materials. Changes to kitchen cabinets in Tucson AZ can make a significant update to the aesthetics of the room.

Brightening a Dark Room

One goal may be to brighten up a kitchen that feels too dark. There may not be an abundance of natural light, so they can enhance the quality of available light by using lighter colors.

Painting Cabinetry

Purists may feel that wood cabinetry should not be painted, but many men and women like the chance to brighten up the room by painting their kitchen cupboards white, light blue or green. The difference in the room’s appearance then is remarkable. If the features are old and worn, or if they were cheap to begin with, installation of new kitchen cabinets in Tucson AZ might be the answer.

Refacing Cabinetry

Refacing cabinetry is another possibility for brightening up a dark kitchen. This project involves replacing the doors and the fronts of the drawers and leaving the rest of the structure intact. Exposed sides of the cabinetry can be stained or painted to match the new surfaces, or a thin veneer can be applied that matches.

If the customers want some contrast on the surfaces, they can have certain parts of the cabinetry painted a different color than the rest. The hardware on the front of the drawers and cupboards also is usually changed. Refacing is significantly less expensive than replacing the entire existing cabinetry.

Countertops and Backsplashes

To further enhance the aesthetics, the customers of a contractor such as Davis Kitchens may want to have new countertops installed. They may like the idea of new tile backsplashes behind the sink and range.

With these projects completed, the homeowners have essentially achieved a facelift for the kitchen without changing the work area, the floor plan or the basic design. A galley kitchen will still be a galley kitchen, but it will look substantially different. Contact us to get started on an estimate.

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