Is an Iron Door the Best Choice for Your Home?

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Doors

Residential iron doors are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. These doors can be beautiful, durable, and secure. They also tend to stand out among other exterior doors. If you are weighing your options and trying to decide whether you should choose an iron door instead of a conventional wooden or glass door, here are a few questions you should ask to make sure that this material is the right choice.

Would an Iron Door Match Your Style?

Iron doors have a distinctive appearance, regardless of the design you choose. These doors are likely to make a strong impression on neighbors and visitors to your home. Start by factoring in the design of your home exterior. Would an iron door complement the existing aesthetic or are you approaching the new door as an opportunity to remodel the outward appearance of your home? Installing rod iron doors can make an immediate impact on the way that your home looks and feels.

Does an Iron Door Meet Your Security Needs?

If home security and privacy are concerns, you should know that iron doors can be much more secure than other exterior door materials. Look for wrought iron security doors made out of 12 or 14 gauge metal. Many door manufacturers use double-pane glass in iron doors, but only the best door makers use two panes of textured glass for maximum privacy rather than textured glass on the exterior side and clear glass on the interior. Some iron doors also feature compression locks that are designed to withstand up to 2,000 pounds of pressure.

Will an Iron Door Stand Up to Your Daily Needs?

You should also consider whether an iron door will meet the demands of daily use in your home. Do you have a large family that is always on the go or young children? Either way, you’ll probably want a durable and reliable door. Look for doors with heavy-duty ball bearing hinges with grease fittings for endurance and simple maintenance over the years. Even though severe storms and hurricanes don’t occur every day, you may also want a door that is designed to pass coastal hurricane tests. The right door should give you peace of mind every day.

These three questions can help you determine whether residential iron doors might be the right choice for your home. Look for single or double doors that strike the right balance between style, security, and durability to provide the perfect finishing touch for your home.

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