How to Prepare for a Wood Flooring Installation in West Des Moines, IA

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Home Improvement

Wood floors are classic, elegant and stand the test of time. They increase home values and are attractive with any style of home. Professional installation guarantees that the floor is prepared properly and the material is installed correctly. Of course, the process is faster and easier when people make certain their home is ready for the project.

Take Accurate Measurements

The Wood Flooring Installation in West Des Moines, IA residents, pay for will go along smoothly if they are careful about measuring the floor accurately. Running short of materials can lead to delays and additional costs. A company representative will often come to the home prior to the installation to take measurements if the homeowner is uncomfortable with their own abilities.

Clear the Room

Move out all furnishings, throw rugs and other removable items currently on the floor. Take down or pin up long drapes and remove any photos, shelves or other items that do not sit flush against the walls. This will prevent damage to the item and reduces the risk of injury if the installation crew bumps into the wall.

Clear the House

Make certain a path is open from the door to the area where the floor is being installed. Remove anything that may impede the flooring installers as they carry in materials. Cover any carpeting or other flooring along the path that is not easily cleaned because people will forget to wipe their feet when they are busy.

Contain all Pets

Cats and dogs should not roam free during installation. They can become a tripping hazard, a distraction to the crew or could get injured. Send all pets to daycare, close them off in a room where they will not be disturbed or kennel or crate them during the installation.

With a wood flooring installation in West Des Moines, IA homeowners can have beautiful floors in a matter of hours. How long the process takes depends upon the size of the rooms, how many rooms are involved and whether or not the flooring is prefinished. Request a FREE quote for any renovation, remodel or new construction. The quote can cover the cost of the materials, the installation charge or include both.

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