Increase Home Equity and Improve Appearance With Siding Replacement in St Paul

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Home Improvement

Home improvement is one of the best ways to increase equity. Unfortunately, it can be tough to determine the best way to make those improvements. One possibility is a replacement roof, and this job can result in a dramatic change of appearance. However, the use of Siding Replacement in St Paul can be just as effective. The siding on a home often deteriorates from weather problems such as uncontrolled water run off or excessive solar rays. This is especially visible with materials such as wood slats and clapboard. In fact, one reason to consider new siding is because of the maintenance that wood products require.

Siding solutions come in a variety of materials, but one of the most useful is fiber-cement. Fiber- cement is a mixture of Portland cement and cellulose. This type of siding was originally created with things like asbestos, which can be a health hazard. However, modern versions typically use wood fibers or sawdust. Not only does this benefit the home, but it is great for the environment because there is less waste of vital natural resources.

Plus, fiber-cement is extremely resistant to pests such as termites. Siding Replacement in St Paul can come in various colors, textures, and styles. This is necessary because of different construction styles. Older homes made in the Craftsman style tend to require wood while others may make use of stucco, stone or brick. Selecting the appropriate siding will help to keep the home looking great, which could help in keeping the neighbors or property owners association happy. Poor siding not only affects the value of the home it is on, but it can also lower the value of surrounding properties. One possibility for replacement siding is vinyl. This material has become extremely popular for quick improvements.

However, it is important to invest in quality materials so that the color does not fade and the vinyl does not crack. Unlike other materials, vinyl must be loosely hung on the building instead of tightly secured. This is because the siding needs to be able to move whenever the building shifts or settles. Modern vinyl siding comes in various colors and styles and provides a beautiful exterior. Contact us for more details about siding installation or replacement.

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