Home Spider Control and When To Call Spiders Removal Services In Fairfax VA

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Pest Control

It’s not unusual for individuals to periodically see a spider inside their home but when multiple spiders are seen every day, it’s time to take action. Although most spiders are not dangerous, it’s not good to have spiders infesting the home. Read the information below to learn how individuals can help keep spiders out of their home and when it’s necessary to contact Spiders Removal Services in Fairfax VA.

Use Natural Spider Repellents

There are several different kinds of natural products that work well to make a home unattractive to spiders. Many people repel spiders with various scents, such as mint. Individuals can pour peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle and spray it around their home or place mint leaves inside cabinets.

Another scent that’s repulsive to spiders is citrus fruits. Individuals can peel an orange, a lime or a lemon and place the peels in inconspicuous areas inside the home. Cedar is another odor that spiders don’t like and individuals can place cedar blocks or shavings in areas where they normally see spiders.

Clean and Remove Clutter

Since spiders are notorious for building webs in corners of the ceilings, individuals should regularly clean these areas and knock the spider webs down. Although spiders can make new webs virtually overnight, if their webs keep getting destroyed they may take up residence somewhere else.

Spiders like dark areas that are undisturbed and that’s why it’s common to find spiders inside old boxes that are collecting dust. Individuals should keep on top of their cleaning and make sure that everything is put away in its proper place. Paper sacks, newspapers and even old shoes that haven’t been worn in years make great hiding places for spiders.

Call A Professional Pest Control Company

When natural spider control doesn’t seem to be working, individuals may have a larger spider problem than they imagine. When individuals make a call to Spiders Removal Services in Fairfax VA, a technician will use various pest control methods to get rid of these pests inside the home.

Individuals in Fairfax who have a spider problem should contact a professional pest control company to eradicate these pests. PMSI is a family owned company that employs trained and experienced technicians. Visit the site to learn more information about this company and their pest control services.

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