Eliminate Leaks or Restore That Aging Roof With Expert Roofing Services in Appleton

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Roofing

A leaking roof can quickly turn into a very costly repair. Roofs leak for various reasons such as degraded caulking around roofing details or aging shingles that have begun to fail. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for the home or property owner to notice these issues until the roof has become damaged enough that water begins to enter the building. This can be a huge problem because any rain that makes it past the roof covering can destroy other components such as decking. Modern homes use engineered woods as a decking material. Lumber such as OSB (oriented strand board) and plywood begins to degrade once it gets wet. One of the best Roofing Services in Appleton for avoiding this concern is a roof inspection.

Faulty decking can cause other issues. For instance, an OSB decked roof will begin to swell as the wood fibers soak up water. This can push up against the shingles and cause them to cup. Cupping may allow water to enter the roof, but it also provides space for ice to form. Winter ice can really wreak havoc on an asphalt roof because the ice expands as the water is freezing. This means more separation of the shingles and even further damage to the roof. Another concern with winter storms is hail. Large hailstones can quickly destroy low-quality shingles. Roofing Services in Appleton such as replacement shingles can help by using a durable material. Class 4 shingles are designed to handle most hail damage.

Replacing the roof may seem like a last resort, but there are times when this task is the best option. At its simplest, the roof replacement can be a fresh layer of shingles. However, some roof replacements need to completely strip away the old materials so the decking can be inspected. It is possible to check this lumber from inside the attic, but some damage may only show up as stains. This means the decking could be rotting on the top while still usable on the bottom, typical with plywood decking. If a complete replacement is required, then it may be time to consider the alternatives. Roofing materials such as architectural shingles provide a very durable roof, and many are warranted for decades. Get more information about roofing solutions from the experts.

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