Art Treatments and Upholstery Collide to Improve Commercial Spaces

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Home Improvement

Innovative, award-winning design studio Wolf Gordon branched out from surface fabrics and paints into sound-dampening materials and other soft treatments several years ago. Most recently, upholstery fabrics have made their line-up, winning critical acclaim from industry insiders and consumers alike.

The Artist’s Eye and the Designer’s Touch

The artist brings their conceptual strengths, forward-thinking, and fresh eyes to the project. The designer comes to the table with a focus on the product and the consumer’s needs. The fusion of the two elevates the final product from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It is more than the sum of its parts. It is nothing academic, but something beyond that which can be described or taught.

LEED, Sustainability and Keeping the Market Alive

Choosing the right materials for commercial design consists of thinking ahead to the future uses of the space, as well as considering responsibility to the planet. Reducing the environmental impact of commercial textiles is a vital part of the mission of the industry. Consumers want low-VOC emissions, recycled content, and a low-carbon footprint in their surroundings. Any organization that wants to lead in the future must work diligently to keep the market alive under these conditions.

Leading Into the Future of International Design

By producing new, inspiring, provocative upholstery fabric, Wolf Gordon ensures the ongoing discussion of important issues. Sustainability is at the center of this discussion, from product development through manufacturing, to the end of product life. The twenty-first century and beyond work environment demands artistic, well-designed and renewable materials.

The Artist Elevated: How Does It Feel to Sit On

The collections at Wolf Gordon, the result of artist-designer collaboratives, show luxurious ideas translated into sturdy, carefully crafted textiles. The products become outstanding due to their contrast, touch, the richness of materials, and texture. The artist’s input is unmistakable in the fabric’s dimensionality and luxury. No longer is the artist’s eye dulled in commercial spaces. Instead, it is welcomed and celebrated.

Upholstery fabrics created with an artist’s eye and a designer’s practicality merge the comforts of real-feel fabrics and textiles like wools, linens and silks, with the real-world needs of durability, high-performance and toughness. The commercial interior rises to the challenge, defying the contract-market conventions of flat, affectless surfaces. Beauty melds with mass production without sacrificing the needs of either.

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