6 Changes A Company Who Specializes In Kitchen Design Manhattan NY Can Make

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Kitchen and Bathroom

A person’s kitchen is often the most frequently used room in the house. It is the place that meals are cooked and that families gather together to eat. It is also the room most used when entertaining. Because the kitchen is so important, it should be as comfortable and as functional as possible. If a homeowner finds that their kitchen is not as functional or as comfortable as they would like, they should hire a company who specializes in Kitchen Design Manhattan NY. There are several changes that can be made to improve the kitchen.

Open Floor Plan

The current style in homes today is an open floor plan. This makes the home appear larger, and it opens up the area between the kitchen and dining room or the kitchen and living room, which makes entertaining easier. A company who specializes in kitchen design in Manhattan NY can knock down a non-weight bearing wall and create the open space that the homeowner desires.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are in style now. Not only will an island improve the appearance of the kitchen, it will also improve the functionality of the kitchen. A kitchen island can create more counter space, which just about every homeowner needs. By putting stools around the island, the homeowner can add additional seating.

New Cabinets

Installing new cabinets is a great way to improve the appearance and the functionality of the kitchen. When a homeowner installs cabinets from the floor to the ceiling, they can add additional cabinets and there will be no wasted space. Also, these cabinets prevent dust build up on top.

New Flooring

A new kitchen floor can totally change the appearance of the kitchen. By ripping up the linoleum and installing tile or hardwood floors, the kitchen will look more modern and in some cases, larger.

Decorative Backsplash

Installing a decorative backsplash is something that many homeowners are doing these days. A backsplash can tie the entire design together. The best part about adding a backsplash is that it is not very expensive.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

When a homeowner replaces their dated lighting fixtures, it can give the home a more modern look. Also, when the lighting in the room is changed, it can give the room a whole new look and feel.

If a homeowner is considering hiring a company who specializes in Kitchen Design Manhattan NY, they should contact Beyond Design & Remodeling in Manhattan NY.

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