4 Reasons Homeowners Need to Install Roof Insulation in Eugene

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Small Home Improvement

Roof insulation in Eugene adds value to homes and helps conserve energy. Yet, many homes have little to no insulation and they’re missing out on the rewards. Here are some reasons to consider adding insulation.

1. Retain More Heat

When temperatures cool off in the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to have a warm home. While fireplaces and heaters keep homes warm, much of that heat escapes the home through the roof. Retain more heat and use the heat in the home more efficiently by installing insulation.

2. Keep the Home Cooler in the Summer

Insulation works in the opposite way during the summer by blocking excess heat from entering the home. Well-insulated roofs can even make it possible to get through the summer without air conditioning in some location, or at least, use less of it.

3. Save Money on Energy Bills

Roof insulation helps homeowners moderate the temperatures in their homes. While heaters and air conditioners might still be necessary during extreme hot or cold, most homeowners notice their HVAC systems run less. Less reliance on heating and cooling systems means lower energy bills.

4. Roof Protection

Most people think of insulation as the fluffy rolls of fiberglass installed between ceiling joists. While this is a type of insulation, roof insulation comes in many forms. Some insulating roof covers are designed to be an extra layer of protection that extends the roof’s lifespan.

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