What to Consider when Thinking About Custom Fireplace Mantels in Salt Lake City UT

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Fireplace Store

If a homeowner has a fireplace in their home, then there’s no question that a fireplace mantle can go quite far in helping elevate the look. However, there’s an important decision to make -; opt for a pre-made fireplace mantle, or choose Custom Fireplace Mantels in Salt Lake City UT. When considering the custom option, there are several things to keep in mind, with some of the most important factors being highlighted here.

Made to Order

One of the most appealing parts of opting for a custom-made fireplace mantle is that they are made to order for the space in question. There’s no need to make a mantle work with the space. A designer will usually come to a homeowner’s residence, take measurements and learn about what they want or need from the home accessory. Once this is done, they can create a mantle that is the right size, color, and shape for the space.


An important factor to keep in mind when choosing Custom Fireplace Mantels in Salt Lake City UT is that they are likely going to cost more than the ones that are pre-made. This is because -; just as the name implies -; they are custom made, completely from scratch. However, while the cost is made, the quality is much higher, too. This means a custom-made mantle is much more likely to last and not have to be replaced as soon as a pre-made one.


When choosing a custom-made mantle, it’s important to find the right designer and builder for the job. This is going to impact the quality of the mantle and the finished product. While choosing a seasoned professional is going to result in a great product, it’s also going to cost more than if a pre-made mantle is purchased.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by a custom mantle. When this option is selected, a person can feel confident that they will get the precise item that they want and need. More information about fireplace mantles can be found by contacting the professionals at Stone Mountain Castings & Design. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the best possible mantle is received. Follow us on Twitter.

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