Vycon Wallcoverings Feature Antimicrobial Properties

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Wallpaper and Coverings

Textured surfaces today enable commercial designers to add interest to décor as well as upgrades that are ecologically favorable and commercially attractive. In addition, innovative vinyl wall coverings are featured that are Class “A” fire rated and contain approximately 10% recycled content.

Antimicrobial Properties

Antimicrobial properties have also been added to popular contract coverings such as Vycon. When commercial establishments use the wallcoverings, then the development of mold and mildew is remarkably decreased. However, that being said, the additives used in the wallcovering will not prevent the growth of mold if the residual dampness of a wall is over 4%. If this amount of moisture builds up behind the walls, then the moisture problem needs to be addressed.

All the Vycon wallcoverings that are installed for commercial use can be perforated for added permeability. If you are seeking a contract covering that works in conjunction with a structure to prevent moisture infiltration, then this is a top wall covering to consider.

In fact, the covering is especially intended for use in buildings that are properly configured and maintained to avoid dampness, condensation, and/or the accumulation of moisture at cavities or on wall surfaces. As a result, the wallcovering is often recommended in hot and humid settings.

Exciting Design Choices

Besides this enhanced functionality, Vycon-type coverings also offer a selection of design options that can only be described as exciting. Choose from a treasure trove of hues and patterns from among the covering options.

In order to maintain and clean the covering, all you need to do is use a mild soap and water. The commercial-grade vinyl coverings, which are specifically made for high-traffic areas, are heavier in weight and therefore more durable than residential coverings. All the coverings have passed rigorous performance tests established by Federal Specification CCC-W-408D.

Needless to say, durability and reliability are both hallmarks of the success of Vycon wallcoverings. The brand is also committed to protecting the environment as the covering is manufactured in a facility that meets or exceeds environmental regulations.

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