Using Backyard Fencing in Suffolk County

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Fences and Fencing

When someone has a dog they would like to contain within their yard; fencing is often a desirable method used. Hiring a contractor dealing with Backyard Fencing in Suffolk County is best in obtaining a high-quality fence that will be aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. When first moving into a new home, fencing options will need to be explored immediately so a dog will not run away from their property.

Temporary fencing is often used while waiting for a permanent solution. There are several types of fencing one could use to help keep their dog inside their yard. While these solutions work for a while, sturdier fencing options will need to be explored for future installation.

Mesh fencing will work at holding a dog in one area. This is the type of polyester fence one would use around a smaller swimming pool or trampoline. It works well because the owner can see the dog from the other side of the fence and the dog has the ability to watch things going on in the neighborhood as well. The dog will not be able to climb the cloth walls, making it a good solution for short times. It will, however, lack in physical benefits.

A wooden or plastic fence will work at containing smaller dogs. Large dogs may be able to knock these over. For small dogs, though, they will work well. These can be purchased in a hardware or home goods store and can be installed by the homeowner rather easily. They will appear much like permanent wood fencing, giving the home a nice appearance.

Another option for dogs is the invisible fence. This requires the dog to wear a color, and small jolts will be administered when the dog gets too close to the buried stakes that come with an invisible fencing kit.

When the time comes to hire a contractor to put in permanent fencing, let them know the size of the dog so they can decide where planks should be placed so the dog will not be able to dig its way under the fence. They will also want to make sure the fence is high enough for a dog to not be able to jump over it.

Backyard Fencing in Suffolk County can be done with help from a professional. Someone would come evaluate the property and start the project as scheduled. Browse the website of a reputable service for additional information.

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