Types of Daylighting Options Offered by a Commercial Roofing Company in Wheaton IL

by | May 31, 2024 | Roofing Contractor

Daylighting is the practice of using sunlight for illuminating the interior space of a commercial building. There are a number of benefits offered when a business owner does this. However, before the benefits of natural light can be seen, it is important to learn what type of options are offered by a commercial roofing company in Wheaton IL. The types of daylighting that are currently available for commercial spaces can be found here.


These are the most obvious and common ways to introduce natural light into a commercial building. Due to their vertical orientation, the sunlight can be admitted into the space selectively. In most cases, windows in several orientations have to be combined to provide the proper amount of light for the space. Ways to improve the amount of light that is produced by a window include:

• Use a large and light colored windowsill to help project the light in the space.

• Slant the sides of the openings for the window so the inside opening is bigger than the outside opening.

• Install a window near a light colored wall.


Another way a commercial roofing company in Wheaton IL can help bring natural light into a commercial building is by installing skylights. These are horizontal windows that are put on the roofs of the building. In some cases, they are called roof windows and sun tunnels. There are some options that have vents or blinds built in. When installed, it is essential that the roofing company use the proper type and amount of flashing to prevent leaks.

Prismatic Skylights

This is when thousands of prisms on the surface of the skylight are used to refract and direct sunlight into thousands of different micro sunbeams. This results in a softer but brighter natural light compared to the standard skylight.

When it comes to improving natural light in a commercial building, knowing what options are available can be quite beneficial. Additional information about the various options can be found by taking the time to browse the website of MDD Exteriors & Remodeling. Don’t underestimate the power of natural light, since it has been proven to boost morale and productivity in a workplace.

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