The Truth about Dark Sky Reflectors and Why You Should Have Some

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Home Design Services

Are you thinking about adding some outdoor lighting to your home? Outdoor lighting is a great feature to add to your home, especially if you like to spend a lot of your time outdoors. Before you jump into the world of lighting, it’s important that you understand a few things, such as what dark sky reflectors are and why you should have some on your property. Take a couple of minutes to read through this, and hopefully, you’ll have some more knowledge to bring with you on your search for the right lighting for your home.

The Dark-Sky Movement

Have you ever gone outside on a clear night with the intention of looking up at the stars? If so, did you notice that you couldn’t actually see very many stars? If you live in a developed area, the lack of stars is most likely due to light pollution. Light pollution is caused by excessive use of outdoor lighting. It is believed that light pollution has caused the disruption of ecosystems, as well as health problems. The dark-sky movement was created to decrease the amount of light pollution that there is, which is where dark sky reflectors come in.

Dark Sky Reflectors

Dark sky reflectors are a source of outdoor lighting, but instead of illuminating the sky, they actually reduce the amount of light that goes towards the sky. Most outdoor lights point the direction of the light upwards, but dark sky reflectors direct the light towards the ground, reducing the amount of light pollution.

Light pollution not only prevents people from enjoying the magnificence of the sky, it also harms the ecosystems of many animals. Do your part to reduce the amount of light pollution that there is and place dark sky reflectors on your property. The wildlife will thank you.

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