The Many Benefits of New Replacement Windows for Your Napa Home

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Home Improvement, Replacement Doors and Windows

For people who own their own homes, taking good care of the exterior can make a significant difference in the interior as well. In many cases, property upgrades to certain parts of the exterior of a house can bring greater comfort, longevity, and cost efficiency to the whole house. One of the best exterior home improvements for increased comfort, protection against the elements, and increased energy efficiency is through the installation of superior quality home window replacement Napa homeowners can buy.

How Important Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

In many cases, windows that are over 20 years old lose their energy efficiency. That means they can end up leaking out a significant amount of energy, making it more costly to cool the home. Because of this, the replacement of older windows is often a very smart investment. The inefficiency of older windows can cause a spike of 30 percent in a utility bill, which can be equivalent to a loss of nearly $1,000 or more annually. For windows that are over 20 years old, the amount of energy lost can be even higher.

Energy-Efficient Windows Pay for Themselves

In addition to the money saved on energy bills, energy-efficient windows also increase the value of a home by approximately 80 percent of the cost of the new windows. Because newer energy-efficient windows increase the aesthetics of a home as well as the inside comfort and energy savings, they are considered a major boost to home value. Through energy savings and home value increases, the installation of new energy-efficient windows usually pays for itself within the first five years.

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