The Benefits of Hiring A Year-Round Lawn Service in Oklahoma City, OK

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Lawn Care Service

Every homeowner wants a lawn that looks great all year round, but not everyone has the time and expertise to maintain a lawn the right way themselves. That’s why a year-round lawn service is the answer. When it comes to lawn care Oklahoma City OK, turning to a professional will save you time, and possibly money, and give you one less thing to worry about.

Dealing with weeds

A big part of lawn care Oklahoma City OK is keeping weeds under control. A year-round lawn service will know exactly what products to use for your particular landscaping needs to give you a weed-free lawn that attracts the right kind of attention. Furthermore, a professional puts safety first and will only use products that are pet and child friendly.

Dealing with pests

What many people don’t realize is that keeping ticks, crickets and other pests out of the house starts outdoors. Lawn care Oklahoma City OK is also about knowing how to establish a perimeter pest program that will deal with pests like scorpions that can be truly dangerous and ones like ants and grubs that are more of a nuisance. What’s more, you can keep the ticks out of the house where they belong and not indoors bothering your pets!

Other services

A lawn that boosts the curb appeal of your home requires shrubs and trees that are healthy. To get this, a year-round lawn service can set up a fertilization schedule that gets the results you want. In Oklahoma City, OK, it’s always best to go with a local company that understands the city’s unique soil patterns and weather systems. You’ll be glad you did. For a lawn service in Oklahoma City, OK, that won’t let you down, turn to Watson’s Weed Control.

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