Replacing A Freezer Door’s Gasket Seal Is A Basic Whirlpool Repair In Shrewsbury, MA

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Home Improvement

If a freezer door’s gasket seal has a tear in a section of it, food stored inside of the compartment will be at risk of spoiling if the door does not remain shut. The following steps explain how to complete a Whirlpool Repair in Shrewsbury MA that involves removing a damaged seal and replacing it with a new one.


• power drill

• soapy water

• sponge

• white vinegar

• lint-free cloth

• measuring tape

• gasket seal

• talcum powder

• soft-bristled brush

Removing A Damaged Gasket And Cleaning The Sides Of A Door

A power drill can be used to loosen hardware that is secured to a freezer door’s inner panel. A panel needs to be pulled away from a door’s exterior. A torn gasket can be pulled up and over the panel. If the gasket it is difficult to remove, it can be cut with a pair of scissors. A damp, soapy sponge should be used to wipe down the sides of a door. If there are any stubborn stains on some of the sides, a few drops of white vinegar can be added to a soapy sponge to make a cleaning solution stronger. Each side of a door should be dried with a lint-free cloth.

Installing A Replacement Seal

The length of a damaged seal needs to be measured in order to purchase a replacement seal that will fit around a freezer’s door properly. A seal needed to be pulled around a door panel and laid flat along each side of a door. After pushing a panel back into place, hardware can be tightened with a power drill. If a door sticks once it is shut, dusting a new seal with a thin layer of talcum powder will resolve the issue. Food stored in a freezer will remain safe since a new gasket seal will prevent warm air from entering.

If any additional repairs need to be made to a freezer or another type of appliance, individuals can get more information about Whirlpool Repair in Shrewsbury MA by contacting a licensed repair shop. A repair person will replace parts and recommend that a new appliance is purchased and installed if a current one cannot be fixed or will cost too much to repair.

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