Preparing For Floor Refinishing In Manhattan

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Wood Products

If someone has wood floors in their home, and they appear rather drab due to wear and tear over the years, they may consider having a company come in to do Floor Refinishing in Manhattan. There are several steps that should be done in advance of a wood floor refinishing job to help keep the home from becoming dirty or damaged in the process.

It is important to clean the wood floor in its entirety before the service comes to the home to refinish it. This will help remove any debris from the surface, so it does not become a hazard to those doing the refinishing job. If a piece of debris, such as glass, is not removed from the floor beforehand, it could cause a problem with the sanding equipment used during the job. Rather than take the risk, vacuum the floor before the service arrives.

Cover doorways with tarps or large pieces of plastic. This will help keep any sawdust that accumulates during the refinishing process from getting into other areas of the home. It is also a good idea to remove light bulbs from overhead lights and cover the fixtures with plastic as well. This will keep debris from getting into the fixture, possibly causing lights to no longer work properly. Give workers a few lamps to use in the room, so they have enough illumination when doing their job. These can be moved around to different outlets when needed.

Remove all personal belongings from rooms where wood is being refinished. Take any shoe molding off the floors so the equipment can be used right to the edges of the room without incident. These can be stored until after the job is completed. It is a good idea to keep windows open when a wood refinishing job is being done as there will be a lot of dust and fumes from stain.

If someone wishes to hire a company that does Floor Refinishing in Manhattan, they do not need to look far for a reputable service. Simply call New York Wood Flooring to schedule a wood refinishing job today.

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