How a Paint Company Lures You in With Their Color Wheel Display

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Painting

You checked out painting companies in Kenmore, WA and decided you can do the job yourself. However, when you walk into a paint store, you probably see bright colors and interesting displays. In fact, you may experience several marketing ploys to get you to buy the most expensive or most popular paint. Sometimes, color wheel displays can lead you in the wrong direction, and you may choose the wrong colors. Here is how this works.

What is a Paint Color Wheel?

Color wheels display a large variety of colors in a circular pattern. You can select one color and see how it matches with another color. When you discuss your color options with painting pros (like the ones at Rite Painting), they have color wheels to give you a good idea of what colors to use for your project. However, in the hands of inexperienced painters in Bothell, WA, this is sometimes a daunting task.

Special Color Wheels

Some paint stores serving the Redmond, WA area create their own brands of color wheels to sell products for house painting. They have the boldest and most attractive looking samples targeted for customers. The stores use a variety of marketing ploys which remain unseen by the untrained eye.

Here is an example of how a special color wheel can sway your decision. You cannot decide between three shades of red for your house remodeling project. Yet, one shade is considerably brighter and stands out from the rest. This is enough to help you make your mind.

The Value of Professional Color Consulting

Some painting pros in Bellevue, WA offer color consulting services. They show you the most popular trends and help you choose the right colors for your home or business. You also receive a 7 Year Material AND Labor Warranty with the work.

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