Expert Safe Cracking Services in Suffolk County NY

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Locksmith

Safes are used more and more by people who want to keep valuables, guns, and important paperwork secure and confidential. Traditionally, safes were large, heavy, and only found in banks, jewelry stores, and the homes of the wealthy. Today safes are available in all shapes and sizes and are found in average homes as well as homes of the rich and famous.


Some are small enough to fit under floor boards or in desk drawers. Others can be custom made to appear as common place objects such as book ends and decorative statues in corners. Specialty companies place safes into ordinary furniture like end tables, plant pots, and headboards. Larger safes can be made to look like dressers or wardrobes.

Gaining Entry

Most safes are passed down for generations, especially traditional ones in those wealthy households. Over the years the combination may have been lost or the key cannot be found. In that case the only way to gain entry is by calling a locksmith shop that provides expert Safe Cracking Services in Suffolk County NY. Depending on the type of safe, there are several procedures that can be used to open the safe without damaging it.

Once the safe is opened, it is recommended to change the combination or have the lock replaced. This is smart for two reasons. The first is so current safe owners will have a combination that is relevant to them. This makes entry easier in the future.

The second is that criminals are now armed with technology that aids in opening safes. Infrared lighting to distinguish finger print indentations, motion sensors modified to respond to combination clicks, and master lock pickers are very effective. Illegal Safe Cracking Services in Suffolk County NY will be more difficult if there are not several prints on the keyless entry or numbers worn off the combination rings.


Unless the safe is designed to be portable, moving one can be difficult and dangerous. An experienced locksmith shop will have the equipment, padding, and trained movers to easily move the safe from one room to another, or one home to another. Visit website for the sales, services, and moving of high-quality safes. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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