Determining the Expected Workload When Contracting a Janitorial Service in Los Angeles

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Home Improvement

A business contracts a Janitorial Service in Los Angeles when the owners don’t want to hire employees to do this work. That may be the case whether it’s a small business with a handful of workers or a huge corporation. The small one might just need one cleaning person to come on Friday afternoon and vacuum, dust, and empty wastebaskets. A large corporate headquarters might need a team to be there every day.

A Partnership

The arrangement between a Janitorial Service in Los Angeles and its customer is a partnership of sorts. The cleaning personnel gets to know the facility from one end to the other. They learn which areas typically need the most attention and which stay relatively spotless. They keep track of the schedule and know when certain events will affect the workload, such as a food day when a dozen or more employees bring snacks, desserts, and appetizers.

Routine and Occasional Duties

Some tasks performed by a company such as CC Cleaning/Maintenance are routine ones, while others are big jobs that only need to be occasionally done. Washing the walls is an example. In most organizations, floor polishing does not need to be often done, but that is an important routine duty in retail settings and other places with a lot of foot traffic. Get more information on this particular cleaning service at the website.

The Scope of Work

When setting up the schedule for a janitorial service, the business owner, building manager, or other employees in charge of the contract will make clear what the scope of the expected work will be. For example, will the cleaning crew be expected to do certain tasks every day or can some be done just weekly? Should the crew be cleaning the inside of the microwave ovens? Do office wastebaskets need to be emptied every single day even if they are nowhere near full?

The business may ask for additional service during bigger events. A company party held at the work site is a primary example. The company might hold a charitable event every year that draws a large number of visitors.

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