Cleaning Services in Corte Madera, CA Help When Tenants Leave a Mess

by | May 23, 2024 | House Cleaning Services

When renters move out of an apartment under less than favorable circumstances, they might leave a big mess behind. The property owner could spend many days tackling all of the cleaning, but that would mean not listing the apartment for a while. An alternative would be hiring cleaning services in Corte Madera, CA to make the place spotless so that it impresses new applicants.

Tackling the Mess

Once the previous tenants realized they were facing eviction for one reason or another, they may have quit doing any housekeeping other than essential tasks. They might have already been messy, devoting little time to caring for their home. Professional cleaning services in Corte Madera, CA allow rental property owners to focus on other activities while completing all the housekeeping projects.

First and Last Steps

In this situation, the housekeepers will likely start by clearing out all the clutter left behind, such as trash bags and garbage scattered throughout the home. They might then proceed to work from top to bottom while leaving certain projects for later. Window washing, for example, could be best as part of the finishing touches.

Intensive Attention

A home that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time will need intensive attention. The bathtub may be dirty, and the back of the toilet probably could use a thorough wiping down. Hard flooring needs wet mopping, and windows may require washing inside and out to get the dirt off. The housekeepers wash cabinetry and remove grime from countertops and appliances.

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